New Xynx Song

I’ve finished a new Xynx song. You can find it on It’s called Big Brother.

The new Xynx album should hopefully be done soon. We should also be getting a website for Xynx going soon. I hope anyway.

Check back here for when the album is released!


Finally, Some Updates

Well, I hate to say it, but I don’t really have much to tell everyone. I’ve been in some sort of slump where music just isn’t happening. I finally made my first new song in a quite a while today and while making it, I had several issues with my computer. I seemed to be constantly plagued with a “Your computer is too slow to play back this song.” dialog box. It was quite frustrating, but I managed all the same. I guess it’s time for a new computer.

Anyway, I finished the new song and when I went to upload it on PureVolume, the uploader didn’t work. They recently redesigned their site and I can’t say that I really like it at all. Nothing seems to work correctly anymore, not to mention that I don’t think it looks as good as the last version did. Oh well, what can you do. I have filed a ticket with their support and hopefully will hear from them soon. I will also keep trying to upload the new song, called Stereo Image, and let you know here once it’s done.

— Alex

Mad Hero

I’ve posted a new song to my PureVolume page. It’s called “Mad Hero”.


Another Free Song!

I posted another new song for you to download on PureVolume! It’s called “Doch”. I actually just finished making the song yesterday, so it’s literally brand new.

You can find it here:


Kid’s Room on iTunes

Kid’s Room is finally available for sale on iTunes!

It’s available as regular or as DRM-free Plus.

You can find it here:

iTunes Music Store

Kid’s Room

New Song to Download for Free

Everybody likes free music, right?

I uploaded a song I made today while I was bored on Purevolume. It’s called “Come and Gone”. You can find it here:

To download it, just click the download button next to it.

Parlour Tracklisting

The tracklisting for Parlour has been decided! It is as follows:

1. Von Judas
2. Long Road Ahead
3. Play Tyme
4. Don’t Dance
5. Aftershock
6. The Kinders
7. Foreigner
8. Dead 8
9. Drops
10. Ridge
11. Rocks and Cliffs
12. Hands Up
14. Step
15. The Thief
16. Sourd Jusque La Fin

No release date has been set though. We should know soon, however, and I’ll post it as soon as I find out here!