The Next Album

Work on the next album, is well underway. I have a name for it already, but the artwork is seeming to take a while because I am currently fresh out of ideas. The new album will be called The Living Room. I was thinking about making some sort of cover that would be like looking down on a coffee table of some sort with a coaster and a water ring, but I don’t know. If I decide to do that, then that would mean I’d have to figure out how to make it. We’ll see.


Another New Song

Good news! I’ve finished yet another new song. The bad news, however, is the PureVolume still isn’t working so I can’t upload it. I really hope they fix the problem soon. Or at the very least I would appreciate if they replied to my support ticket that I filed with them.

Finally, Some Updates

Well, I hate to say it, but I don’t really have much to tell everyone. I’ve been in some sort of slump where music just isn’t happening. I finally made my first new song in a quite a while today and while making it, I had several issues with my computer. I seemed to be constantly plagued with a “Your computer is too slow to play back this song.” dialog box. It was quite frustrating, but I managed all the same. I guess it’s time for a new computer.

Anyway, I finished the new song and when I went to upload it on PureVolume, the uploader didn’t work. They recently redesigned their site and I can’t say that I really like it at all. Nothing seems to work correctly anymore, not to mention that I don’t think it looks as good as the last version did. Oh well, what can you do. I have filed a ticket with their support and hopefully will hear from them soon. I will also keep trying to upload the new song, called Stereo Image, and let you know here once it’s done.

— Alex


A few days ago I ordered an upgrade to the software I use to create my music. It’s called Reason. I ordered version 4 which came out late last year. It came in today and I’ve been playing with it and all the new toys that it came with. I’m pretty excited about it. We’ll see how it affects my music. Should be good.

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays everyone!

— Alex

New Bass Guitar

So I ordered a new bass guitar. I’ve played bass for quite a while, but when I decided to come to Germany for a while, it meant that I had to leave it and my drum set behind in the US. I’ve been missing both quite a lot, so I decided to go ahead and order a new bass to play while I’m here. Unfortunately, I can’t really have a drumset in my apartment, as it’s quite small and a drumset would be extremely noisy and obnoxious for the neighbors. Personally, I don’t want to be THAT guy.

The bass that I ordered is about as cheap as they come. I have a very nice 4-string bass by Traben back in the US (see the picture below), but since I’m only going to be here in Germany temporarily and only want something to practice with, I decided to buy a cheap one.

Traben Bass

I ended up actually buying a starter kit because it comes with all the basic stuff including a cheap practice amp. I know most people will laugh at that, but it seemed liked an financially smart decision. The bass itself is a 4 string bass from some unknown manufacturer (as scary as that is) and the amp is a very cheap 40-watt practice amp. The picture below is what was on the website.

Cheap Bass

The only thing that I expect from it is it to last until I got back to the US next July. Other than that, I really don’t have an expectations. I’m just mostly excited to be able to actually play an instrument regularly again.

Support the Music!

I need your help!

I’m embarking on a promotional campaign to try to spread my music to more eager listeners, but I can’t do it alone. If you like my music and would like to help me out, I would be extremely grateful. I have come up with some suggestions that will take hardly any effort, but are extremely effective. You can find them on the Support the Music page.

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