I would like to introduce Xynx, my latest project. While my own music here will be for whatever I think sounds good and thus should continue in the familiar style, Xynx will be for dance/techno music.

I decided to split the music up into 2 different projects to help pace the rate at which I release albums. I feel that I release albums under my own name too quickly and that each album doesn’t have its “fair time” to catch on. I also made the decision after coming to the conclusion that it might be a lot easier for people to find the music they really want if it’s better organized. This seemed like a good way to organize it.

The first 2 songs for the album are here on PureVolume and are available to listen to for free.




Download Parlour for Free!

As part of a new marketing strategy for Parlour, I’m willing to make a deal. The deal is as follows:

I’m offering my newest album, Parlour, as a free, high quality download. You then have the option to support the artist by making a donation for whatever price you think the album is worth. There is no minimum or maximum to the amount that you can donate. Every bit helps.

For more details, see the website I setup for it here: http://alexseifertmusic.googlepages.com

A Musical Experiment

I’ve been thinking about trying a new experiment with my music. The last album I released, Parlour, has actually been doing quite well, however, since I have almost no marketing capability (no funding and no time), I have decided to try a method that Trent Reznor recently tried with an album he produced for Saul Williams. To anyone who has been following the music industry, these type of experiments have actually been fairly common place recently.

Basically, I’m going to offer Parlour as a free download with the option of paying for it. I know this seems silly, but what others in the music industry have found is that quite a few people are willing to pay for something that they enjoy even if they can get it for free. The free part will attract those who are not sure about the music and are not willing to commit to purchasing it quite yet.

If the person wants to buy it, I think I’m going to offer the album for 2 prices: $5 or $9.99 depending on how much they are willing to pay for it. This should also tell me how much people value my music in dollars.

I still have some things yet to work out (such as where to host the downloads), but as always I will post here when I know more.