New Location

This is my first post here in a while because, frankly, I forgot about this blog. I have since moved everything to, including the blog.

Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds! Thank you!


New Xynx Song

I’ve finished a new Xynx song. You can find it on It’s called Big Brother.

The new Xynx album should hopefully be done soon. We should also be getting a website for Xynx going soon. I hope anyway.

Check back here for when the album is released! is now open!

My music finally has a new home at! The website is finished and ready to go!

Alex Seifert on Facebook

You can now find me on Facebook! If you have a Facebook account, visit the page below and click the “Become a Fan” button!

The Living Room on

I have uploaded my entire album, The Living Room, to which means you can now listen to the entire album on there for free!

You can find it here:

The Living Room Released!!

Today is the release of my new album, The Living Room!!! It should be available in stores soon! Check back here for an announcement when it is available in stores!

I have decided on a different album cover which you can see below.

The Living Room

You can listen to it at

The Living Room

Good news! All of the tracks for my next album, The Living Room, are finished! I have also decided on an album cover which I have posted below:

Check back here for news when The Living Room is released!